Scott Phillips; The Right Way and The Wrong Way to Make Millions

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In a world of guarded people, it’s almost shocking when you meet a real, honest, and genuine person. Their ability to admit their faults, find happiness in their successes and be relatable is refreshing. It’s such an anomaly today that when you see it, you have to stand up and take notice.

On our latest installment of The Art of Making Things Happen, we had the pleasure to sit down with one such gentleman.

Scott Phillips is a man who has lived the tale of two lives. In his former life, he made money, and lots of it, albeit the wrong way. On our podcast, he shares memories about his colorful past and how he turned his life around to make millions the right way.

From a drug-addicted online porn hustler to a millionaire trader, you won’t want to miss this episode from The Art of Making Things Happen with Steve Sims.

How to Make a Million Dollars a Year the Wrong Way

In 1996, Scott Phillips was making a killing in all the wrong ways. He started as a drug dealer and a loan shark until graduating up to becoming an owner of one of the first porn websites in the early stages of the internet.

From the very first stages of his porn site, he was receiving massive subscriptions every day and pulled in $5,000 on the very first day without any marketing. He remembers going to his mom and telling her, “Mom, I’m a millionaire now. I made all this money on the internet.” His mother’s only reply was, “What’s the internet.”

Although Scott was making $1,000,000 a year, he had a problem. He was miserable. He was addicted to drugs, particularly crystal meth. In his own words, he states, “I was constantly trying to make up for low self-esteem.” He worked every day to feel powerful, dangerous, and scary. 

While it afforded him a lavish lifestyle with Ferrari’s, sleeping with pin-up girls, and owning massive mansions on the most beautiful beaches in Australia and Bali, he was ready for a fall.

Kidnapping, Jail Time, and Transformation, Oh, My!

How would you respond if someone broke into your home? Maybe you would call the police, reach out to your insurance company about stolen items, and get better security for your home, not if your Scott Phillips.

When several men broke into his home in Australia, he asked around until he found out who they were, tracked them down, and kidnapped them. After that, he tortured them, men, for breaking into his home. Scott was not the type of person who calls the police for such matters.

As a result, he spent five years in prison. He recalls his time in prison as “the best thing that could have ever happened to me.” While in prison, he got sober, quit drugs, and reformed his life with narcotics anonymous.

He also asked himself some serious questions about the man he wanted to be, the relationships he wanted to have, and the life he wanted to live once he was released. These questions were enough for him to change his ways and make money the honest way.

How to Make a Million Dollars a Year the Right Way

After a stagnant ten years of trial and error, Scott learned how to make a million dollars a year the right way—with trading. After many failed attempts, courses, and trial and error, Scott is now an elite trader who helps others learn from his early mistakes through his trading courses.

In his courses, he walks you step-by-step in how to trade just like an elite trader. He also has plenty of free content available to learn from on Facebook and YouTube.

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