Seth Ferranti; Unleashing Creativity: From Prison to Publishing - Seth Ferranti's Journey

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Welcome to another exciting episode of The Art of Making Things Happen with Steve Sims. In today’s episode, we have a special guest, Seth Ferranti, joining us to discuss the power of creative solutions and turning obstacles into opportunities. Steve kicks things off by encouraging everyone to support independent studios like Outlaw Films. With fierce competition from big Hollywood giants like Netflix and HBO Max, leaving reviews on platforms like Amazon can make a significant difference in helping these underdogs thrive.

Seth Ferranti, an intriguing individual with a fascinating life story, shares his insights on overcoming challenges and leveraging creativity to achieve remarkable success. From his experience working with Defy Ventures to his passion for filmmaking, Seth’s journey is nothing short of inspiring.In this episode, you’ll hear about Seth’s plans for a groundbreaking documentary and the importance of finding local, inexpensive subjects to bring important stories to life. Steve and Seth dive into the backstory of LSD and its impact during the ’60s, including interviews with influential figures like Stanley, Timothy Leary, and Ken Kesey.

They also shed light on the struggles faced by the formerly incarcerated as they navigate a new world post-prison. With their shared experiences in the criminal justice system, Steve and Seth explore the transformative power of creativity, emphasizing the importance of reintegration and support for individuals seeking a fresh start. Join us as we delve into Seth’s remarkable journey, discover the power of storytelling, and uncover the crucial role creativity plays in making a positive impact. Tune in, share this episode with others, and be prepared to be inspired. This is The Art of Making Things Happen.