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Last week, Stefan Georgi sat down with Steve D Sims and was a guest on The Art of Making Things Happen podcast. The two gentlemen had an energetic and exciting conversation about the world of copywriting. They talked about what is, how it is used in the real world, and why it is a key driving force behind the marketing campaigns you consume on a daily basis. Steve asked several engaging questions that allowed Stefan to share his years of knowledge and experience with the audience and provide valuable advice for anyone looking to break into the industry.

The conversation started with a basic yet important question of “What is copywriting?”. This was an ideal first question because it allowed Stefan to explain what copywriting is past the traditional explanation you can find on the internet. He then went on to talk about the type of copy he excels at which is direct copywriting. Direct copy is what you see in the advertisements you consume via digital ads or television commercials. The main goal is to motivate the audience to take immediate action such as clicking a link, visiting and landing page, or making a purchase.

As was mentioned by Steve, there are several instances where a brand writes great copy but fails to produce a compelling CTA. The end result is that there is no real urgency for the reader to do anything except move onto the next ad. “Good copy is emotional. And I think the biggest secret to remember is that we want to generally speak to people’s hearts first and their minds.’ Stefan remarked when asked about what makes for the type of copy that inspires the reader to take action.

He went on to share that the most common mistake copywriters make when writing direct copy is to ask for the sale. He compared the process to making a sale over the phone. You have identified the pain point and provided the information they need to make an educated decision. At that point, they are primed to take action because you have put the idea in their head that your product can solve their problem. That’s the formula you have to use in your writing if you have them to take your desired action.

As the conversation moved along, Steve began picking Stefan’s brain about the common mistakes that copywriters make and how to avoid them. According to Stefan, The number one mistake new copywriters make is trying to act differently than they are. In other words, the copy should be written like you are having a normal conversation with someone. For example, if you were telling a friend about a discovery you made, you wouldn’t start talking about someone else. You would be focusing on the exciting parts of that discovery and why they should be interested in what you are saying.

He went on to add that today’s consumers want two things. To be entertained and have their problems solved. Anyone reading your copy is doing so because they are either bored or have a pain point they are looking for a solution for. When you write in a conversational and engaging tone, the reader feels they can relate to you. Even when writing copy directed at B2B clients, most of them expect the copy to be stuffy and professional. By sharing your message in a conversational, friendly tone, you are more like to evoke the response you are looking for.

His interview also included several interesting stories including how he ended up in Vegas playing poker full-time, how he met his wife and why he left his arduous sales job to become a full-time copywriter. He also touches on topics such as AI and whether or not he thinks it poses a threat to copywriters. You can also learn about how the popular copy accelerator mastermind class which has produced some of the best copywriters. This class will teach you how to expand your writing skills and charge more for your services.