Steven Kotler; A Leading Expert on Human Performance

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Steven Kotler is a 55-year-old researcher who has been diving deep into the realm of peak performance and aging since the early 2000s. Originally focused on regenerative medicine and longevity science, his curiosity led him to explore lifestyle interventions. Being involved in running a canine hospice care facility with his wife, they began experimenting with different approaches on dogs and pondered whether these techniques could be effective for humans too. In the past five to ten years, Steven witnessed a major shift in the understanding of aging. The conventional belief that our mental and physical abilities inevitably decline with time has been turned on its head. Contrary to this notion, he discovered that these skills are “use it or lose it” abilities, which means that consistent training and practice can help us hold onto and even improve them well into our later years. Inspired by this newfound knowledge and eager to explore its potential, Steven embarked on a series of radical experiments in peak performance aging.

This journey became the heart of his book, “nar country,” where he not only delves into the cutting-edge science of peak performance and aging but also narrates his own personal experiences with these groundbreaking experiments. Steven’s research and work offer a fresh perspective on aging, highlighting the possibilities and untapped potential of our minds and bodies as we grow older. With his passion for uncovering the secrets of peak performance at any age, he continues to push the boundaries and challenge the traditional notions of aging, inspiring others to do the same.