Suneet Agarwal; Building Resilience and Relationships

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Welcome back to “The Art of Making Things Happen with Steve Sims.” In today’s episode, we’re diving into the journey of an entrepreneurial powerhouse, Suneet Agarwal. Join us as Steve and Suneet unpack the critical role of connecting with the right people and how significant conversations can propel you forward. With a rich background that spans from the upheaval of the 2008 financial crisis to building success in the medical cannabis and real estate sectors, Suneet brings a wealth of resilience and experience to the table.

We’ll get real about the grit behind entrepreneurship, the myths glamorized by social media, and why it’s crucial to portray a genuine narrative in business. In our conversation, Suneet emphasizes the importance of being in environments that foster growth, staying open to new knowledge, and the power of transforming insights into concrete actions. At 46, he’s a testament to the lifelong commitment to learning and his passion for taking massive action that yields significant results.

Furthermore, Suneet shares his strategic shifts in work and life balance, reiterating his focus on his real estate platform, his new ventures for the year, and insights on what he’d prioritize if he had to start from scratch. Before we jump in, remember to check out Sims Distillery, a place for creative disruptors looking to surround themselves with supportive connections. Prepare to be inspired as we explore what it truly takes to make things happen, with the relentless Suneet Agarwal as our guide. Don’t forget to follow us for more insights, and for those keen to learn directly from Suneet, stay tuned until the end for his contact details. Now, let the conversation begin!