Talor Zamir; Inflammation is the Silent Assassin

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Recently, we sat down with Talor Zamir on The Art of Making Things Happen Podcast and asked him to share his story. If you’re not familiar with Talor Zamir and his journey, you’ll be inspired by his personal and professional transformation.

In 2013, Talor looked like a man who had everything. He worked from home, made money through the internet, and had a beautiful wife and two loving daughters who were toddlers at the time. Looking from the outside, you may have thought Talor lived the dream life, but underneath it all, there was a big problem.

Faced with debilitating health problems, he was forced to make a change. This is his story.

Meeting the Assassin

In 2013, Talor was a man who made a living through the internet. He spent his days furiously tapping on his computer’s keyboard—then it happened.

Through some bizarre twist of fate, Talor started experiencing severe swelling and unbearable pain in his arms. The pain would stop him in his tracks to the point that typing just one sentence caused excruciating pain that would last all day.

The pain got so bad he had to stop typing entirely. Using only a voice to text application to get through the day.

Then the pain continued past his working day when he wasn’t by his computer. He went into deep debt from loss of work.

He began researching. At first, he thought it may be carpal tunnel, then arthritis, then cubital tunnel. It turned out to be none of those ailments. He began treating his symptoms with compression bands and braces and pain creams. Nothing worked!

At last, he received a diagnosis: Inflammation.

The Realization

All this time, he was treating the outside of the body. It was then that he thought, inflammation attacks IN the body? All he had been doing was treating the outside of the body.

The cure would come from taking back control of the inside, which naturally meant food. The actual realization came when Talor learned about inflammatory foods.

Instantly he cut inflammatory foods from this diet. The first items to go—sugar and grains. It would be these changes that formed the catalyst to his personal and professional transformation.

Personal and Professional Transformation

From his extensive research and debilitating issues, he developed compression bands and braces that were far superior to what was on the market and sold his company for 15 million. In a few years time, he went from being massively in debt to a multimillionaire.

With the changes in his diet, his inflammation went away. He now enjoys an active lifestyle free of pain. He used the money from his first business, to start his passion project. Peak Performance is a brand that uses the best ingredients and nutrition to help people live healthy lives free from the pain of inflammation.

Peak Performance has a wide array of organic greens, powders, and other products to fight inflammation and supercharge your day!

The Healthy Person Mantra

Talor Zamir likes to quote an Indian proverb that he calls his healthy person mantra. A healthy person has a thousand wishes, but a sick person has only one.

During those agonizing days, his only wish was to get better. Now, he wishes to make thousands of people better. It’s never too late to feel better today, and it starts with treating the inside of our bodies. Start today!

For more inspiration, please check out The Art of Making Things Happen Podcast, and check out Talor’s documentary Change Your Health, Change Your Life.