The Experience is What Counts; Steve Sims

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Hey! This is Steve Sims, and I’m in Tokyo. It was my wife’s birthday, and every year we try to celebrate. So this year, I decided to go all out. I know she loves sushi. So I brought her to Tokyo. We spent six days doing amazing things from Samurai swordsmanship through to tea making ceremony, making sushi, going down to the fish market, nearly getting run over in the streets of Tokyo, all of those things. And last night, we all sat around in a crazy restaurant down in Shinjuku. And we all talked about what was our favorite part of it.

For me, the favorite part was the fact that everybody had a favorite part. It was the experience that they liked. Now, bearing in mind. No one’s bought any gifts. My wife hasn’t got anything. She’s got a memory. Now the good thing about memories is they amplify with age. They’re golden. They’re absolutely brilliant. Dan Sullivan actually said your memory shines the past.

This is only going to get better as time goes on, but it was the attention to detail to show her, a) how much she cared. Yes, there was money involved. But she’s not been able to take it away. I could have bought her a watch, probably would have been cheaper. But where’s the experience in getting a watch? The experience is when someone says, “Oh! Do you like this watch? I got this when I was this age.” So focus. Get the experience for the person. Experience is everything. Not what you can get, what you can remember. And just hold deep in your heart for someone cared that enough. Experience life or don’t bother. All the best. Steve Sims, Tokyo. I’m out.

And I’m Lily!

My daughter! Bye.



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