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If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, solopreneur, budding brand owner, or influencer, you’re probably well aware of the sea change that’s sweeping across the internet. 

And like all changes, it is an opportunity to learn, adapt, and grow in entirely new directions.  

On a very special edition of The Art of Making Things Happen with Steve Sims, my son Henry and I discussed seven lessons we learned from the Traffic & Conversions Summit in San Diego last week. 

Holed up in a VW bus, with all the equipment you could ever need to make a podcast, we decided to hop on in and share some nuggets of wisdom from the convention in case you missed it. 

1. TikTok is taking over. 

TikTok isn’t the video platform for kids who like to show off their dance moves that it once was a year or two ago. Sure, you can still find that content there, but TikTok has evolved into a global leader in video content. 

82 minutes! That’s the amount of time the average user spends on TikTok each day. 

When you stop to factor in that the average video on TikTok is between 15 seconds and 2 minutes, that’s a TON of engagement. 

And here’s the good news:  TikTok is only in its infancy. If you’ve got an idea or a brand you’d like to market to the world, TikTok is a global leader where you can find worldwide engagement for organic growth. 

2. You must diversify your content.

With the changes coming to IOS and cookie policies, it just makes sense to diversify your content. 

The brands that focus on omnichannel marketing are the ones who will win out in this quickly changing landscape of the new internet. 

Finding multiple ways to engage your audience is the easiest way to grow your influence — and your business. 

Again, TikTok makes for easy platform sharing across multiple channels — something to consider. 

3. It’s better to go niche with your content. 

While it would be great to have a team of marketers pumping out your content like Gary Vee, it’s just not realistic. That’s why it’s incredibly important to tailor your content for a niche audience

Having a compelling message that resonates with your small yet mighty audience will go way farther than trying to market to everyone. 

So get clear on who your target audience is and focus your content on them specifically. Without the help of data, it will be those who truly know their audience who will prevail

4. You must be willing to think outside the box and be proactive. 

With all the changes coming about privacy and personal data, it’s important to be proactive. While data has been the standard for years, that era is over. You must be willing to adapt to the times. 

A return to the old-school fundamentals of marketing — before the internet will be helpful. Consider getting all your contacts in order. 

While you can scrape your data for emails and other data, names, numbers, addresses, and more will also be relevant for marketing campaigns. 

Text and SMS messaging will be a popular way to stay connected.  

5. It’s never too late to start a brand. 

While many like to think they can’t compete with major brands in their industry, nothing could be further from the truth. 

When change happens, it’s easier for smaller brands to adapt than larger ones. That gives young entrepreneurs, influencers, and small brands more leverage and a competitive edge. 

A small TikTok channel today could be your ticket to a cult-like audience of loyal customers a year from now. So take a shot! 

6. Get going, and then get good! 

Most people look at other influencers, entrepreneurs, and brands and think they have to make professional-looking videos right out of the gate. 

That way of thinking causes what I like to call paralysis by analysis

The people who get started and figure it out along the way will accomplish way more than your friend focusing on lighting, editing, and getting the right camera angles before starting.

7. Grow organically with better platforms. 

Do you still think Facebook and Instagram are the only places to market yourself? Think again. 

While they are trusted sources, they are also expensive options. 

These established social platforms are all about one thing: pay to play

If you don’t have the funds to spend on Facebook and Instagram, start small and grow organically with better platforms like LinkedIn and TikTok. You’ll save time, money, and a whole lot of headaches. 

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