They All Think I'm Great; Steve Sims

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Hey, how are you? And I want to tell you that Grant Cardone, Daymond John and Ron Jeremy think I’m amazing. Or at least they would if I paid them about $500. You see, there’s this new service called Cameo. I’m actually on it. It’s a platform where influencers, celebrities, athletes, musicians can actually join this group and you can go on there, search for the kind of person you’re looking for and for as little as 50 bucks, get that celebrity to actually give you a shout out. Congratulate you on a marriage, congratulate you on a job promotion, whatever you want. Or you can have it sent to a friend going, “Hey, Billy tells me I got to wish you happy birthday.” And that kind of thing. I like Cameo, I get a lot of people actually ask me to do birthday wishes and things.

You see, there's this new service called Cameo. I'm actually on it. Share on X

But something I’ve noticed has started happening, people are actually reaching out to the Grant Cardones, to the Daymond Johns and they’re actually asking them to say good things about them. Now when you get that video, it has Cameo watermarks on the bottom and they are splicing that up and posting it on Facebook as though it’s a real reference. Now, Grant Cardone and those boys don’t really give a damn about it. Why would they? They weren’t, it wasn’t meant to be used that way, but people are. Now in a world of mass distraction, people are trying to get credible because let’s be blunt, credibility, as I’ve said many times is two days’ currency, but this is no way to get it. It’s a false way of doing it. And sooner or later, once you’ve got all of the boohoo, you’re brilliant, aside, they’re going to ask you one simple question. What can you do for me? How can you help me? How can you impact me?

And if you go in there fake, you’re not going to have anything to back it up. While I love Cameo, I’m actually stunned and I urge anyone that’s listening to this, please don’t use the false methods to try and gain credibility. It’s a temporary fix. It’s like using sticky tape to hold the windscreen of your car down. It’s going to blow off sooner or later and you’re going to get shit in your face. What I want you to focus on is if anyone does, if you see these Cameos, call them out. Say, “Hey, I saw you got this. Is that a Cameo? And how much did you pay?” I’ve been doing that and it annoys people, but I also find it personally funny because if you’re going to use something not for the way it was intended, yeah, you deserve to be having the piss taken out of you.

It's like using sticky tape to hold the windscreen of your car down. Share on X

But that’s what Cameo is. That’s what people are using it for. Don’t be one of those people. If you want to get a shout out and a happy birthday from any of those people, use it. As I say, I’m on it. I think Cameo is a great service, but don’t use it to bullshit your way into the world of credibility. All right, this is me. I wish you all the best. Do great things.