Whitney Jones; The Mindset of a Champion

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Think about the greatest competitors on earth. What do they have in common? 

While some would point out tremendous athletic abilities or dedication to training, there’s one elusive trait that most people forget. 


What makes athletes like Michael Jordan and Tom Brady break the mold to be the best? Is it just pure skill? 

No. Michael Jordan didn’t make the cut for his Varsity basketball team, and Tom Brady got drafted 199th overall! That would suggest that Tom and Michael weren’t elite from the start. 

Before the accolades, there was a dream, a goal, a passion, and a pursuit of excellence. 

Before the long training regimens, the hoisting of trophies, and the other-worldly status, there was a belief that it was possible.

We sat down with Whitney Jones, the Fitness Olympia equivalent to Jordan and Brady, on the latest edition of The Art of Making Things Happen with Steve Sims.

Who is Whitney Jones?   

Whitney Jones is a three-time Ms. Fitness Olympia Champion. She’s competed in eight Fitness Olympia competitions and 15 Arnold Classic International contests. She’s also a single mother of two incredible boys and runs five businesses.

Even at 44, she shows no signs of slowing down, winning her third Fitness Olympia competition in 2021

To say that she lives and breathes the mindset of a champion is an understatement, whether it’s getting ready for a competition or running a business

So what does it take to have the mindset of a champion? 

You Need a BIG WHY! 

Whitney credits her two older brothers for giving her the intensity to push through challenging goals. 

As a child, she loved to tag along with her bros and play with the boys. To prove her worthiness, her brothers would dare her to complete tremendous athletic feats. Always up for a challenge, she would set her mind to the task until she proved them wrong. 

As a child, Whitney’s big why was to feel included with her older brothers and their friends. Now, her big why is her two boys. 

She does the impossible to show her two boys what they can achieve with the right mindset. 

You Need to Make a Choice

Sometimes, it’s our challenges that prove what we’re worthy of accomplishing. 

When faced with the loss of her mother and divorce in the same year, Whitney had to make a choice about who she was going to become. 

She could either let her challenges keep her from her goals, or she could choose to become great in spite of them. She chose the latter to show her two boys what real strength means. 

Within the next year, she would become an IBAA Professional and a world-class Fitness Olympia competitor. Within six years, she would hoist her very first Ms. Fitness Olymia medal. 

You Must Ignore the Haters!

Some say you don’t know you’ve truly arrived until you have a few haters. Whitney would definitely agree. 

Even as a child, she was often teased for being a tomboy. As she got older and trained for Ms. Olympia competitions, people would comment on her physical stature. 

In the end, though, she had to learn to ignore the haters and learn to love herself for who she is and what she’s about. Now, she helps others do the same through her coaching services.

She credits her vision and her mindset as two monumental attributes to her success. 

She explains that you can’t know what you’re capable of until you eliminate all doubts, and that includes other people’s opinions of her. 

Step Into Your Greatness! 

If you’re looking to change your life, it starts by employing the proper mindset. Whitney and her team offer online coaching to help you reach your lifestyle and athletic goals. 

The opportunity to step into your greatness starts with the belief that it’s possible. So commit yourself to see it through, and Whitney will see you on the other side. 

As always, for more great content about entrepreneurship and more, please check out The Art of Making Things Happen with Steve Sims.