Steve Sims has worked with Sir Elton John and Elon Musk, sent people down to see the wreck of the Titanic on the sea bed and closed a museum in Florence for a private dinner party beneath Michael Angelo’s David and then had Andrea Bocelli serenade the diners while they ate their pasta?

Entrepreneur Magazine labeled Steve as “The Real Life Wizard of Oz” because he has developed a reputation for making the impossible, possible. Steve is also a best selling Author of “BLUEFISHING – the art of making things happen”, a sought-after consultant, and a public speaker who has spoken around the world. As we spoke I was visualizing the reaction he must have gotten when he spoke at the Pentagon and Harvard. After all, a shaved head, Harley Davidson garb and body piercings on a 5’ 11”, 240 lb. frame don’t scream “let’s hang out at Harvard.”

Born and raised in London England, Steve began his working career as a bricklayer, and to use his words he spent 20+ years falling on his face to learn the lessons that others can implement into their career ambitions. In this fascinating conversation Steve opened up about his journey from bricklayer to doorman, to the founder of Bluefish, a luxury concierge service for VIP and executive clients. We even had a chance to talk about his philosophy on parenting. This episode is both entertaining and informative.  Enjoy…


Listen to the Podcast here.

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