How to Get Once-In-A-Lifetime Experiences


Steve Sims will be the first person to say he’s a little intimidating.

He’s a really big guy, he’s got a shaved head, and a huge goatee – and even his eyebrow is pierced like a pirate.

He looks kind of like a construction worker or a big beefy bouncer outside of some big nightclub or maybe an MMA fighter… and in fact, he’s actually been all 3 of those in his life.

But in spite of his appearances – or perhaps because of it – he has built an amazing business.

He’s the founder of Bluefish luxury concierge – a high-end private concierge service that provides once in a lifetime experiences for its affluent and celebrity members.

You wouldn’t think someone with Steve’s background would start a luxury concierge business, which is what’s so fascinating about him.

Now what’s so special about a concierge service? Well any old concierge service can get people concert tickets or restaurant reservations. But what Bluefish specializes in is getting his members amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experiences that it seems no amount of money can buy.

For example – Steve has gotten his clients to:

  • Fly supersonic military jet flights in Russia
  • Dive down in a submarine in the Atlantic Ocean to view the wreck of the Titanic
    Flying into space up to the international space station
  • Walk the red carpet at the Grammys or the Oscars in the same entourage as famous celebrities
    He has arranged a wedding at the Vatican
  • He has arranged for a client to have dinner in a table set up right in front of the Statue of David by Michelangelo in Florence Italy.

You name it, he’s made it happen.

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