How to create unmistakable customer experiences with Steve Sims


Giving Your Customers Once in a Lifetime Memories In this episode of the podcast, Bluefish founder Steve Sims discusses how he creates unique once in a lifetime memories for his clients that have included supersonic military fight jets in Russia, subversive dives in the Atlantic to view the Titanic and weddings at the Vatican.



  • Steve’s incredibly short career in banking
  • Bridging the gap between a blue collar upbringing and white collar
  • life Learning to cultivate confidence despite the circumstances of your life
  • The inquisitive nature that allows us to understand the nature of beauty
  • How great mistakes and actions have turned Lessons in human behavior from working a night club door
  • Why Steve worked the door at his own parties for many years
  • Overcoming the hangups and fears that we have in our lives
  • Planting seeds that define and create cultures
  • The problem with listening to best practices and “good” advice
  • Why listening to too many other people can cause us to loose our way
  • The reason that Steve makes himself intentionally dificult to be found
  • Creating unforgettable and unmistakable customer experience
  • Using physical mail to stand out above the noise

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