Self Made Man

How To Befriend The World’s Most Important People…


Imagine if you could pick up the phone and ask the person on the other end for anything you want…

Do you want to visit the Titanic, or play with the Rolling Stones?

Do you want to have dinner with your favorite movie star, or walk the runway at New York’s Fashion week?

Maybe you’d like to have the police chase you through the streets of Monaco to reenact your favorite Bond movie scene?

Or get married at the Vatican by the Pope himself.

Well anything your heart desires is possible if you know Steve Sims.

Steve is the Founder of Bluefish… An organization he created to bring people’s wildest dreams to life, and I have to tell you… This is one of the best episodes of SelfMadeMan we’ve ever had…

Not only will you hear stories that will blow you away, but Steve is going to share the key to his success, which is how to network with the world’s most successful people.

Have you ever wanted to connect with someone important for your business? Maybe you’re trying to book a celebrity that can put your podcast on the map, or maybe you need to build a relationship with a CEO that could lead to a strategic partnership…

Well Steve is going to teach you how to do that today, and his advice is priceless.

We’ll even dive into a wish of mine, which is how to get The Rock onto Self Made Man for an interview.

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