What is a Speakeasy?

Hey, this is Steve Sims

And I hear you have the question, what is a speakeasy? I can understand because I don’t exactly put a lot of information on the page whenever we have them.

Here is why, a speakeasy is my idea of a mastermind. It’s a reverse engineered event.

You see, we’ve all been to a lot of events over the past years where they send you a flyer, send you a website. It says “Come to the event and hear so and so, hear this person, hear this speaker”, You may like two or three of the speakers, but you never like them all. You go along and you sit there with your piece of paper and you clap away because they motivate and invigorate. You go home, you look at your notes and you go, “Well, what the hell did that mean?” I don’t want that.

What I do is private workshops, masterminds that are going to mess with your head, change your perspective and create new ideas. 

There’s no point in hearing how brilliant someone is unless what they know can impact you and make you brilliant.

We bring people in that actually help you. We bring people in that can answer your questions, solve your problems, make you more dynamic as you leave than when you first arrived. That’s what a speakeasy is. By definition, no one knows what goes on in a speakeasy. You don’t know who’s going to be there. Most people, unless you’re in the know, know where the speakeasy is and that’s why it’s called a speakeasy.

We’ve held them at San Diego, Los Angeles, New York, Reno, Scottsdale, Silicon Valley and many other cool locations. Every single event, the crowd, are hand filtered by me to make sure they’re the right kind of people. Get the right people coming through the door, you remove 99.9% of the problems. And then what we do is we make sure the right people come in to help us. With the kinds of thing’s I’ve been up to in the past, I make sure you get into places you would never normally have been in. We’ve been involved in places like Frank Sinatra’s Music Studio in Hollywood, Sir Elton John’s party and private dinner in Cipriani’s New York. In Reno, we were in Elon Musk’s Gigafactory. We get into places with amazing people and learn amazing things.

That’s what a speakeasy is.

Why do we not give you that information before you sign? Because we want the right kind of people and we want those people that want to learn something, are invigorated to give and to benefit. Once you’ve made the payment, we’re going to give you a call. We’re going to find out what’s going wrong in your life that we can help, that we can solve, we can find the right people. If we don’t think we can help you, we’re pushing you a refund and you’re not coming.

That’s what a speakeasy is. It’s my idea of a workshop. It’s my idea of a mastermind for those kinds of people out there that are open to grow and take a chance knowing that I’m quite good at what I do.

Hopefully that helps. As before, you can always send me an email and we’ll probably just send you a link to this video, but there’s just really not much more to say. We’ve done quite a few of them now. We’ve got some great entrepreneurs that go to them.

They’re only ever a maximum of 40 people. And I’m wondering, are you going to be on one of the next ones?

I look forward to seeing you at the next speakeasy. All the best. Bye.



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