Simply put I endorse him.

- Jay Abraham

Steve Sims defines what it means to be your authentic self

- Elton John

There are those that talk a good talk and then there is Steve that lives it.

- Jim Kwik

Go for Stupid

The Art of Achieving Ridiculous Goals


What would you achieve if you weren’t afraid of being laughed at?

In the age of “gotcha” culture, people are terrified to do anything that might be laughed at. Steve Sims is the exact opposite.

In Go For Stupid: The Art of Achieving Ridiculous Goals, Steve teaches you how to ignore what everyone else thinks and go for big, stupid, ridiculous goals. From organizing a private dinner in front of Michelangelo’s David, to securing a tour of SpaceX led by Elon Musk himself, his accomplishments always start with the same questions: How far can I take this? What would make this a stupid achievement? Steve examines famously stupid goals in history, the key habits of successful people, and lessons from his own career to help you let go of your fear and get out of your own way.

If you do something amazing, you will be ridiculed until you are revered. Stop overthinking and go for ridiculous, stupid goals. Once you “go for stupid,” you open the door to the life you always dreamed about.

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Jay Abraham interviews ME – Enjoy!

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Roland Frasier

Sims just does things differently AND it works !

- Roland Frasier
JJ Virgin

Steve Sims is the phone number you want on speed dial for when you want the amazing to come true

- JJ Virgin
Ari Meisel

Steve Sims is the most effective relationship manager I have ever seen. He has been a great addition to my life and business.

- Ari Meisel
Peter Diamandis

Steve and his team are passionate about making the impossible, possible… and they deliver! I love their can-do attitude and incredible customer service.

- Peter H. Diamandis, MD Chairman/CEO, XPRIZE
Joe Polish

Steve can make seemingly impossible events and meetings possible. If you can dream it, Steve Sims is the guy who can make it happen.

- Joe Polish, Founder of Genius Network
Bill Hart

I've worked with Steve for a long time now. I like Steve’s contrarian approach to life and business; he has helped me tremendously over the years.

- Bill Hart


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