Mr. Fantasy   Steve Sims is the ultimate arranger of the should-be impossible experience   For a former bricklayer from the harsh environment of East London, it has been quite a journey to the rarified air of the handful of...


CEO Steve Sims Reveals What It Means to Be a Bluefisher The older I get, the more I appreciate people who are comfortable being themselves. If there’s one person that embodies that, it’s Steve Sims, Founder and CEO of, a...

The Nathan Seaward Show

HOW TO MAKE THE IMPOSSIBLE, POSSIBLE. STEVE’S TOP LESSONS FROM WORKING WITH THE RICH AND FAMOUS This week on the show, Steve Sims joins me to share how a bricklayer from East London ended up hosting experiences for some of the wealthiest and...

Dropping Bombs Podcast

Stop Motivating, Start Activating. Episode 97 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL). Guest: Steve Sims Advice from the man who makes dreams come true. Meet Steve Sims, the modern-day Wizard of Oz. Steve is the founder and owner of The Bluefish, an...


The Most Successful Entrepreneurs Fail But Learn From Their Failures Most every entrepreneur can provide a litany of errors and miscalculations. Failing is just about inevitable, but the most successful entrepreneurs actually benefit from their...


2 Books That Will Change Your Mindset And Business (That You've Probably Never Heard Of) There are lots of books out there that everyone has read. There are others which are slightly less known, but that are written by some of the best...

Tim Paulson on Medium: “3 Big Successes That Looked Like a Failure 1/2 Way Through”

Dr. Seuss put it this way: “Everything stinks until it’s finished.” Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach said, “Everything looks like a mess in the middle.” Even Vincent van Gogh’s work (including Starry Night) looked like a failure...


10 Sure Tips For Getting Into The Press   Of all strategies growing businesses are interested in learning, skills for getting yourself and your company into the press is perpetually at the top of the list. To that end, today I’m outlining...


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