The password to my “member’s-only” club, a green wooden shed on the bank of Niagara River, complete with Nintendo and Nirvana lyrics on the wall, was “Biscuit.” Simultaneously, on the other side of the world, Steve Sims, then working as a banker in Hong Kong, whispered “one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish” to gain entrance into an exclusive private party. Fast forward sixteen years- “Biscuit” has dwindled into a faint memory and the now infamous Seussian phrase “spread like a bad rash” resulting in Bluefish Concierge, a global business spanning six continents, with 400 offices and 85,000 clients. Bluefish, owned 100% by Steve Sims, specializes in the coordination and delivery of events, experiences, travel and transportation. Whatever your desire, Bluefish boasts the ability to coordinate any type of experience from spending a week VIP style in Ibiza to orbiting in space. Their unique approach allows clients to experience the Really good life sans the velvet rope draped around it.

Sims, an outlandish Brit who prefers coffee to tea and claims too many tattoos and piercings, hopped around the world for 16 years using his impressive social circle to rub elbows with other A-listers before creating “The elite network. A grand mix of socialites and business owners, Sims’ connections are the very core of his thriving business. Foregoing world-renowned cities, Sims chose to house the Bluefish international headquarters in West Palm Beach because of the new undercurrent; a cool funky vibe replacing the long time stereotyped culture of millionaires clad in mismatched argyle and plaid. Sims attributes this new vibe to the diversity of the area, professing “it is greater than that of NYC.” Because WPB is smaller, “you can go anywhere and never know who you’re sitting next to. It could be a bum or it could be a millionaire.” Wishing to draw worldwide attention to WPB and contribute to the beauty of our emerging skyline, Steve has purchased a building in the heart of Clematis Street. That’s right; Steve Sims is here to stay. And, indisputably, it will only be a matter of time before Bluefish Concierge evolves into a common household name. After all, any company whose global success is partially based on its’ underground self promotions- random splashes of their iconic logo, a devious looking bluefish-certainly has the right to make a social movement.

Rebeckah Goodrich – DNL Magazine


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